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Types of Boundary Surveys

Get in touch with us at Existing Conditions Surveys for efficient boundary carried out in Aberfeldie, Melbourne. A boundary survey is a land survey done to locate the lines and corners of the property as legally described on title documents under direction from a Licensed Surveyor.

Boundary surveys can be divided into:

  • Original survey – establishes lines within the property
  • Re-establishment survey – follow the traces of a prior boundary survey

We ensure a high standard of service to make sure the lines are impeccably traced.

We offer meticulous and accurate survey results

 Boundary Surveys Aberfeldie

Why do Boundary Surveys?

Existing Conditions Surveys understands the importance of undertaking a boundary survey and strives to deliver an accurate end result.

Boundary surveys are important for a multitude of reasons, including:

  • Determining the legal aspect of the property
  • Showing easements for utilities, such as water and power lines
  • Identifying any encroachments, such as buildings driveways and fences
  • Helping to divide and distribute a property
  • Identifying possible boundary disputes
  • Aiding in the construction process

We pride ourselves on offering a survey that fits your needs at a reasonable price for service.

We measure, inspect and divide your land

 Boundary Surveys

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