Internal Measurement Surveys in Aberfeldie, Melbourne

Existing Conditions Surveys is the company to call for professional internal measurement surveys in Aberfeldie, Melbourne.

With over 30 years of experience, we are experts in various types of land surveys.

Accurate Layouts

Existing Conditions Surveys provides accurate, measured building layouts for many design in Aberfeldie, Melbourne and throughout Victoria.

Internal measurement surveys are mainly undertaken in an attempt to better understand the layout and flow of a building. They enable designers and builders to accurately preserve existing or facilitate  enhancements to the building.

Our expert team is here to help preserve Melbourne's rich history and protect its past. Call us to learn more!

We measure so you can design and enhance

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Reasons for Internal Measurement Surveys

There are many reasons as to why an internal measurement should be carried out, such as:

  • To understand the existing layout, appearance and flow
  • To know the space available for facility management requirements
  • To locate fixtures, fit-out and internal heights and clearances
  • For future reference to facilitate easy access to existing layout for future works

Existing Conditions Surveys also offers boundary, subdivision, construction and feature and level surveys.

We ffer custom services to cater for your specific needs

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