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We provide professional services in land surveys for homeowners, builders, developers and architects.

What are Feature & Level Surveys?

Feature and level surveys are needed as a primary starting point in all property development projects. This particular survey is crucial as it collects details about the land, adjacent properties and other elements in the area as well as grants authorisation to move forward with the project.

Existing Conditions Surveys provides professional services for feature and level surveys in Elwood, Reservoir, Kyneton, Melbourne and throughtout Victoria

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Feature & Level Surveys Aberfeldie

Importance of Feature & Level Surveys

Existing Conditions Surveys offers expert feature & level surveys. With over 38 years of continuous experience, we promise to dig deeper and provide you with reliable results.

Why carry out feature & level survey?

  • Aids in preparing plans showing what exists on the property and level information
  • Helps prepare a topographic map of the land surface
  • Assists architects, engineers and project managers in their work
  • Provides a reference plan for all planning & design purposes
  • Helps with construction surveys

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 Feature & Level Surveys

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